• Industrial waste services, management and disposal

RED Industries provide total waste management & recycling services and parts washer solutions to customers nationwide.  We are committed to delivering cost effective, legally compliant, environmental waste management services.

  WASTE Services

Nationwide total waste management solutions for hazardous and non-hazardous waste, including collection, recycling, shredding and disposal.  We provide you with a tailored waste solution to help you cut costs whilst meeting your environmental goals.

Waste containers


Our aqueous parts washers are the powerful alternative to solvent systems.  They are cost effective, durable systems that combine high performance with environmental responsibility.  We provide automatic, semi-auto, and manual parts washers

TOTAL Waste Management Solutions

Red Industries started as hazardous waste management specialists, however the products and services we now offer go far beyond that specialty.  We supply our waste and recycling services to customers nationwide from our base in Staffordshire, and work with customers across a wide variety of industry sectors.  We hold 3 ISO certifications and operate to the highest standards.  Every customer has a dedicated account manager to provide you with a tailored waste solution to meet your needs.

Total Waste Management

We handle every aspect of your waste management

Our customers have one point of contact for every aspect of their waste management. The service includes site audits, waste collections, recycling, & guaranteed legislative compliance.  We can handle a comprehensive range of non-hazardous and hazardous waste streams.


Industrial Cleaning

Full range of industrial cleaning and environmental services
Our cleaning and environmental services are carried out by our expert team. We can assist with tank and vessel cleaning, factory decommissioning, site clearances, restoration and remediation, dewatering, drain and sewer cleaning, and waste reduction solutions. Talk to our team about how we can help you.


Secure Destruction of Waste

Secure destruction of damaged product, confidential materials and more

Secure, efficient and reliable destruction of sensitive or confidential wastes – including OTC medicines, out of date products, or damaged products. This service includes 24hr CCTV camera surveillance for your peace of mind, as well as a Certificate of Destruction.


Parts Washers

The powerful solution to solvent systems
Manual, auto/ manual and automatic aqueous parts washers.  Our solvent free parts washing systems effectively clean and degrease using the power of bioremediation.  We can offer you a two week, no obligation, free trial.


Sample Testing & Analysis

Lab services available for sample testing
We have an on-site laboratory for the compliance & classification testing of a wide variety of waste streams.  Our analytical services are available at regularly scheduled intervals or on a load by load basis.


Hazardous Waste Management

Specialists in the management of hazardous waste
We originally started as a specialist hazardous waste management company, and we continue to provide these specialist services.  We offer a full service including collection, management and recycling or disposal.


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See how we can help you with our waste management services.

We provide sustainable waste management recycling services and parts washers to customers from our base in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.  We work with businesses in a variety of sectors and of varying sizes, and our tailored made solutions are designed to meet each customer’s waste and recycling requirements.

  • Waste Services
    Including hazardous waste, aerosols, paints, acids and alkalis, resins, powders, confidential destruction and more.

  • Industrial Cleaning
    Full range of cleaning and environmental solutions including decommissioning, dewatering, remediation etc.

  • Laboratory Services
    Our treatment and transfer station has on-site laboratory facilities for the compliance and classification testing of waste.
  • Training & Consultancy
    Helping you with training in the waste management and environmental sectors.

  • Aqueous Parts Washers
    Range of manual, auto/manual and fully automatic parts washers to provide solvent free cleaning.

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Based in the Midlands, we work with customers across the UK.

Red Industries started more than 10 years ago specialists in hazardous waste management.  The management team have always been looking towards the future to develop our services to meet our customer’s needs.  We now offer complete waste management solutions, including collections, recycling, trans frontier shipments, preparation for re-use, industrial cleaning, and disposal of waste.

We also provide laboratory services, including WAC testing of waste, from our on-site facilities at our Stoke-on-Trent and Brownhills treatment and transfer stations.

We handle a variety of waste streams at our facilities including paints, resins, acids, plastics, powders and more.  Our waste management offering covers specialist services such as:

Hazardous Waste
Non-Haz Landfill
Secure Destruction 
Transfrontier Shipments
Waste Containers & Boxes

We provide a full range of industrial cleaning and environmental services.

  • Tank and vessel cleaning
  • Decommissioning, shut-down, and site clearances
  • Restoration and remediation

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We can help you meet your environmental targets and realise cost savings in your waste management process.

We can visit your business and identify where waste is occurring, the type of waste being produced, how you can increase recycling, how you can improve efficiencies, and steps you can take to meet your environmental targets.

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Our on-site laboratory facility offers testing and analysis services for the classification and compliance testing of waste.

Our testing of pre-acceptance samples helps us to offer the most competitive quotation based on the analysis of any hazards associated with the waste stream.

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Get in touch with our team to see how we can help you – whether you’re looking for a free, no-obligation quote or want to find out how you can increase your recycling, we’re here to help!

Our head office is open from 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

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