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Site Chemist

Objective of the Role

Ensure regulatory compliance and site procedures by accepting and inspecting incoming assignments of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste, adding value to the business.

Main Duties

•  Ensuring all incoming consignments of wastes have appropriate paperwork (Consignment Note/Duty of Care),  

•  Ensuring all appropriate paperwork has been completed correctly and copies are held on site and with hauliers.

•  Responsible for the completion of waste safety checks to allow acceptance to site, storage safety and processing and/or onwards transfer.

•  Responsible for the completion of regular sampling of received waste to then further supply to internal laboratory for analysis.

•  Ensuring incoming waste is inspected to BAT requirements in Sector Guidance Note 5.06.

•  Ensuring waste is routed such that costs are minimised whilst maintaining legality and compliance.

•  Waste acceptance is recorded using the SAP system.

•  Non-Conformances are recorded using the SAP system, detailing all relevant information.

•  Ensuring paperwork is passed through for scanning within 48 hours of arrival.

•  Ensuring all waste is being appropriately stored in line with Sector Guidance and Permits.

•  Ensuring all waste is labelled correctly with all relevant information.

•  Processing of waste as required – to include bulking, sorting, segregating, listing and re-packing of wastes.

•  Provide technical support to other members of staff on site.

•  Complete relevant outgoing paperwork.

•  Act as a site first aider (once trained).

•  To maintain a clean and tidy work area completing housekeeping.

•  To assist other teams when required.

•  To perform other duties as reasonably required by the business.

Generic Duties

• Additional duties as requested by senior management in line with the capabilities of the role holder.

• Support and contribute to Red Industries Group overall objectives and aims, in line with the role holders experience, and competence.

• Support and contribute to all aspects of “good” safety and health, daily awareness of safety issues and well being awareness.

• Fully responsible for your own and others’ health and safety

• Ensure all incidents, observations and concerns are reported through an escalation process; solutions are identified and actions, in line with Company policy.

• Ensure ideas for the improvement of safety are listened to and acted upon, involving the Health and Safety representatives and HR Management if necessary.

• Ensure non RED employees (visitors, third parties and contractors) confirm to the Health and Safety Policy including using the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

• Raise a Corrective Action Report for any concern or improvement opportunity.

• Compliance with all energy saving activities such as switching off lights and other equipment when not in use; switching photocopiers to standby mode, setting the thermostat at right setting; closing windows/doors when heating is on; when using, kettles fill up to what is required; and using hot water economically.

• Compliance with water saving activities such as: turning off taps properly and reporting dripping taps and water leaks to Supervisor or Manager.

• Compliance with our reduction in pollution activities, where possible reducing usage, and reusing or recycling waste; and handling all chemicals as per COSHH sheets; complying with safety rules in relation to minor spills (eg. soak up and report to manager) and major spills (eg. immediately report to a manager).

• Compliance with emissions goals when driving company vehicles or otherwise driving on company business, do so in an economical manner i.e. choosing the shortest route to a destination where possible, ensuring that vehicles are properly maintained, driving in a non-aggressive manner and always within the speed limit.

Competencies & Personal Specification

• HNC or Degree Level Qualification in Chemistry or a similar related field.

• Experience of the Waste Industry is desirable.

• SAP experience is desirable.

• Competent Microsoft Office user, in particular Excel.

• Willingness to work in outdoor conditions in a hazardous chemical environment undertaking a manual/hands on approach.

• A natural leader of processes.

• Communicates well at all levels including executive level.

• Makes decisions based on data, information and evidence.

• Able to drive team performance and improve functional knowledge of the team through knowledge sharing.

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