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Client Support Executive - Head Office

Objective of the Role

The client support executive is responsible for liaising with customers, meeting their needs and growing sales within their region by carrying out the underneath duties.

Main Duties


- Contact existing clients – regarding collections, requirements.

- Develop existing clients – inform them of any new legislation, ensure the client is aware that we offer total waste management services.

- Successfully complete all jobs by time requested

- Coordinate and collate all information in the appropriate way to ensure jobs are dealt with effectively, and issue to the relevant departments.

- Report to the Internal Sales Manager any issues which require further investigation.


- Contact Clients, who we have been quoted, enquire if they wish to place an order, overcome client’s objections, and close the sale as well as upsell other services.


- Make calls to prospective clients from purpose-built inhouse CRM system.

- Make contact with the decision maker.

- Collate the correct information from the leads.  Check address details, contact name, phone and email details.

- Record all information into the database.

- Introduce the company to the prospective client.

- Offer a quotation, B.D.M visit or send out company literature for future contact.


- Arrange Credit application forms to clients.

- Filing,

- Collate and record all data within CRM

- Compose emails.

- Other duties deemed reasonable.

Generic Duties

- Additional duties as requested by senior management in line with the capabilities of the role holder.

- Support and contribute to Red Industries Group overall objectives and aims, in line with the role holders experience, and competence.

- Support and contribute to all aspects of “good” safety and health, daily awareness of safety issues and well being awareness.

- Fully responsible for your own and others’ health and safety

- Ensure all incidents, observations and concerns are reported through an escalation process; solutions are identified and actions, in line with Company policy.

- Ensure ideas for the improvement of safety are listened to and acted upon, involving the Health and Safety representatives and HR Management if necessary.

- Ensure non RED employees (visitors, third parties and contractors) confirm to the Health and Safety Policy including using the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

- Raise a Corrective Action Report for any concern or improvement opportunity.

- Compliance with all energy saving activities such as switching off lights and other equipment when not in use; switching photocopiers to standby mode, setting the thermostat at right setting; closing windows/doors when heating is on; when using, kettles fill up to what is required; and using hot water economically.

- Compliance with water saving activities such as: turning off taps properly and reporting dripping taps and water leaks to Supervisor or Manager.

- Compliance with our reduction in pollution activities, where possible reducing usage, and reusing or recycling waste; and handling all chemicals as per COSHH sheets; complying with safety rules in relation to minor spills (eg. soak up and report to manager) and major spills (eg. immediately report to a manager).

- Compliance with emissions goals when driving company vehicles or otherwise driving on company business, do so in an economical manner i.e. choosing the shortest route to a destination where possible, ensuring that vehicles are properly maintained, driving in a non-aggressive manner and always within the speed limit.

Competencies & Personal Specification

Functional Knowledge

Person Specification

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