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Landfill Waste Disposal

LANDFILL Waste Disposal

We offer customers a safe disposal method for waste that cannot be otherwise re-used or recycled at competitive prices.

The waste hierarchy forms an important strategy for our management of waste and we aim to divert waste from landfill where possible through preparation for re-use, recycling and recovery.  However, landfill remains an important waste disposal method and we are pleased to be able to include Walleys Landfill site in our waste management services portfolio.

As of 7th November 2016, RED Industries took over the operation of Walleys Quarry Landfill in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire.  The landfill is easily accessible from the Midlands and is only 3.9miles from junction 15 of the M6 (approx 9 mins).  The site accepts non-hazardous commercial and industrial waste.

A number of improvements and technological advancements have been made to the landfill over the past couple of years and the site has been used as an example of ‘Best Practice’.  There is a power generation plant on site, which produces electricity by converting methane gas into energy – the plant generates enough electricity to power around 4,500 homes.  There is also a leachate treatment facility on site.

Walleys Quarry Landfill is operated to the highest standards and complies with all legal and governmental policies and regulations.  Our team of experts carefully manage and monitor the site through a set of tight controls and procedures.  We work to minimise any impact on the environment now and for the future of the site.

We welcome any queries you may have about Red Industries’ acquisition of the Walleys Landfill Site.  Please contact us using the contact form.

Supporting the LOCAL COMMUNITY

The Landfill Communities Fund provides funding for local environmental and community projects within a 3 mile radius of any RED site.

Investing in the local community surrounding our landfill site is important to us, and we are keen that the local community benefits from our operations.  We will be working with the Derbyshire Environmental Trust to provide funding to local community and environmental projects around the Silverdale landfill site.

We hold regular Landfill Liaison Meetings with representatives from the EA, Staffordshire County Council, Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council, local councillors, and residents’ representatives.

Meetings are held quarterly and provide residents’ representatives the opportunity to discuss issues arising from the community they represent and feed back into the local area.  The meetings also provide information to attendees regarding plans and developments at the landfill site, update on the communities fund, and any other business.


Our landfill is easily accessible from the M6 and surrounding Midlands area.  We can offer you competitive rates for tipping at our non-hazardous landfill.

Get a quote from us today and see how much you could save on transport costs and your landfill waste disposal.  Our landfill site accepts non-hazardous waste, however we also have the facilities at our Treatment and Transfer station to deal with hazardous waste.

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