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RED Industries Free Trial Parts Washer Systems

AQUEOUS Parts Washers

Our aqueous parts washers are solvent free – providing you with a greener, more sustainable parts washing system.

We are committed to providing sustainable solutions.  Our aqueous parts washing systems are more environmentally friendly and better for operator’s health than ‘sink-on-drum’ solvent systems.  Our durable parts washers have been developed to combine exceptional cleaning performance with greener technology.

The RED Aqueous Parts Washers are available as manual bioremediating units, automatic hot wash systems, and a manual/ automatic crossover.  Whatever your degreasing needs, we have an efficient and cost effective system available.

Our customers benefit from excellent levels of customer service and support.  Our team will work with you to find the right parts washer and service agreement to fit your needs.  We have no rolling contracts or hidden extras.  We are so confident in the performance of our parts washers that we offer a two week free trial.  Contact us to request your trial.

Manual Modular Parts Washer


Manual parts washers allowing the operator to target specific areas for cleaning.  Effective cleaning performance provided by flow through the hand-held brush.

Manual Parts Washers


Designed for components that require both an automatic cleaning cycle and a manual wash.  Cost effective alternative for multi-system requirements.

Auto-Manual Parts Washer


Automatic hot wash systems which allow you to tailor the wash cycle to your needs.  Essential equipment when you have large components or a high quantity of items to clean.

Automatic Hot Wash Parts Washer

RED Automatic Parts Washers

Automatic Hot Wash Parts Washer

An automatic parts washer is an essential piece of equipment when you have large or lots of components to clean and no time to spend doing it. These stainless steel industrial hot washers feature variable time and temperature controls which allow you to tailor the wash cycle to your specific needs. The automatic wash cycle actively increases your productivity by freeing up operators during the washing process.  Our parts washers are utilised by customers in a variety of different industries.

RED automatic parts washers are available in a range of sizes and can be supplied with the chemistry to suit your requirements, including aerospace approved solutions.

The systems are available with your choice of chemistry:

  • The RED Standard Low Foam Solution
  • The RED Extra Strength Low Foam Solution
  • The RED Aerospace Approved Low Foam Solution

RED Auto/ Manual Parts Washers

Every parts washing application is different and sometimes certain components will require both an automatic cleaning cycle and a manual wash to completely remove contaminants. This usually requires two different parts washers to be installed to complete just one application.  The REDAM models are the answer to this problem, the systems feature automatic cleaning functions with additional hand tools that allow for the manual cleaning of intricate parts. The hand tools are situated within the unit to effectively contain water and keep areas clean. The auto/manual systems are available in a range of sizes, all featuring operator access gloves, viewing glass and lighting systems.

The AM range of parts washers are a cost effective alternative to multiple system requirements.

The systems are available with your choice of chemistry:

  • The RED Standard Low Foam Solution
  • The RED Extra Strength Low Foam Solution
  • The RED Aerospace Approved Low Foam Solution

Auto-Manual Parts Washer

RED Manual Bioremediating Parts Washers

The RED manual parts washers are available in a variety of sizes, all of which effectively clean oil and pollutants from components via the natural process of bioremediation.  The aqueous cleaning solution is non-toxic, non-flammable, and has a neutral pH – the safer alternative to solvent systems.

The systems are comprised of three elements:

  • An ergonomically designed parts washer, heated to 38˚ for optimised cleaning
  • RED BL+ degreasing solution, a water based solution composed of non-toxic, non-flammable surfactants
  • RED BIO TAB, a concentrate of micro-organisms in tablet form, added every 4-6 weeks to continuously regenerate the solution

The REDM60 and REDM100 are our most popular manual parts washers.  They feature innovative extras such as soaking functions and temperature boosts for stubborn grease.  These parts washers are durable, effective, and cost effective.

Parts Washers
Bike workshop parts washer

Parts Washer for Bike Workshops

  • Optional bike attachment for RED M60
  • Tube clamp 22-55mm diameter
  • Adjustable height from 1m – 1.6m
  • Allows for cleaning and maintenance without the need for dismantling
  • 360° rotation

Modular Parts Washer

Our manual modular parts washer system comes in three working area sizes.  Whatever the size of the parts you need to clean, we have the right parts washer for you.

These parts washers are heated at 38°C in order to ensure an optimal cleaning process by being through the brush, the soaking or the sprinkler.

Our modular parts washers utilise the same bioremediating technology as the smaller units.   For heavy duty paints/ inks, these modular parts washers can be used with a heavy duty, low foam solvent solution.

We have three sizes of working area.  We can also commission bespoke parts washers if you need a different size.

  • RED M100L – 845mm (l) x 640mm (w)
  • RED M100XL – 1280mm (l) x 700mm (w)
  • RED M100XXL – 1600mm (l) x 700mm (w)
Modular stainless steel parts washer
Bike workshop parts washer

Mobile Parts Washer

Our Mobile Parts Washer system has multi-directional wheels for easy maneuverability.  This innovative system allows you to bring your parts washer to your components/ machinery, helping to facilitate servicing and maintenance.   Ideal for cleaning machinery, vehicles, or large components.

Can be used pneumatically where there are no electrical sockets close by, or it can be plugged in to provide additional cleaning power.

  • Four directional wheels with locking system

  • Easy draining

  • Electrical and pneumatic power

  • Perfect for mechanical parts cleaning

  • No servicing required

  • Dedicated storage within the parts washer for accompanying tools

Solvent Free Solutions

Bio Chemistry

The powerful alternative to solvent systems

At RED Industries we are committed to replacing the solvents and hazardous chemicals used in traditional sink on a drum parts washers, with a more environmentally friendly washing systems.

We can also provide aerospace approved solutions.

We can offer a no obligation, FREE TRIAL*. Contact us to request your trial or get a quote.

Talk to us about your parts washing requirements.

  • Tough on dirt, easy on the environment
  • Reduced waste
  • Solvent free – better for operator health and the environment
  • No hidden costs or extras
  • No unannounced rolling contracts
  • Efficient and powerful cleaning and degreasing
* Free trial terms and conditions apply.  Contact us for more details and confirmation of eligibility.

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