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LANDFILL COMMUNITIES FUND | Funding for local community projects in Staffordshire.

Landfill Waste Disposal


Projects which directly benefit the community or local environment could be eligible for funding.

Eligible projects within a 3 mile radius of a RED Industries licensed landfill (ST5 6SB) or treatment & transfer station (ST6 2DZ) can apply for funding.  The types of projects that would be eligible to receive grant money from the Landfill Communities Fund include:

Public Parks and Amenities
Providing, maintaining or improving a public park or amenity which directly benefits the general public, including community centres and village halls, public sporting facilities, and bridleways and cycle paths. The park or amenity should be open to the general public for at least four evenings or two days a week, or at least 104 days a year. The park or amenity should not be restricted to a specific user group defined by age, gender, race or disability etc. The park or amenity must be run on a not-for-profit basis.

Conservation of Biodiversity
The conservation or recovery of a species in its natural habitat OR the provision, conservation, restoration or enhancement of a natural habitat.

Restoration of Religious Buildings or Buildings of Architectural or Historical Interest
Maintenance, repair or restoration of a religious place of worship or a building of historical or architectural interest which is open to the general public and is not-for-profit.

If your project is within 3 miles of our landfill or treatment & transfer station (within the 2 circles), you could be eligible for funding.

Treatment & Transfer Station: Sneyd Hill, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST6 2DZ
Walleys Quarry Landfill: Cemetery Road, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 6SB

General criteria

  • Any work relating to the project must not have started
  • The project must normally be open to the general public
  • Applicants must have a constitution, elected officers and a bank account
  • The project must not be operated for profit
  • The work must not be required as part of any condition, order, notice, or agreement
  • Grant monies should be claimed within 12 months of grant offer
  • Applicants should have identified or confirmed the third party contributor

HOW TO APPLY for the Landfill Communities Fund

Contact us to check if your project is eligible for the Landfill Communities Fund.  Successful applications may be funded to any amount up to the requested figure.

We work closely with the Derbyshire Environmental Trust who administer the Landfill Communities Fund on our behalf.  The Derbyshire Environmental Trust was established in August 1997 to meet the need for landfill tax contributions to go through an environmental body.

1. Request application pack and seek guidance on the eligibility of your project.

2. Complete the application form and return to Derbyshire Environmental Trust along with any supporting documents/ information.

3. Your application will be reviewed by the Red Industries Landfill Communities Fund Committee. Applicants will be informed of the decision by letter.

4. If successful, obtain and submit copies of at least three competitive quotations for the work.

5. Derbyshire Environmental Trust will seek to adopt the project and register it with ENTRUST (the national regulator of the Landfill Communities Fund).

6. Once registration is confirmed, applicants will be sent a draft legal agreement and asked to provide the Third Party Contribution.

7. After the Third Party Contribution has been received and the formal contract agreed, work may begin.

Applications are accepted all year round.  The RED Industries Landfill Communities Fund panel meets 3-4 times per year to review applications.

In your application you should note:

  • Community benefits of the project.  For example, how many people will benefit from it, improvement of facilities, etc.
  • Any environmental benefits of the project.  For example, through the use of recycled materials, improving appearance of the area, enhancing biodiversity etc.
  • Community support or involvement in the project (e.g. fundraising or volunteering).
  • Estimated total project costs.
  • Requested amount of funding from the Landfill Communities Fund and details of the Third Party Contributor(s) who will pay 10% of the grant awarded.
  • Estimated start and end dates of the project.


Since its inception in 1997, over £1.6bn has been spent on more than 60,000 projects across the UK.   The Landfill Communities Fund enables Landfill Operators to contribute money to organisations enrolled with ENTRUST as Environmental Bodies.  Environmental Bodies use this funding for a wide variety of community and environmental projects within the vicinity of landfill sites.

Since acquiring the landfill site in November 2016, we have been committed to providing the Red Industries Landfill Communities Fund.  The first projects were approved for funding in July 2017, and since then we have gone on to approve funding for a whole range of projects in the local area.

Over £1.4 MILLION awarded to local projects

We are delighted to have been able to approve funding for a wide range of projects that will really benefit the local communities around our sites in Staffordshire.  The Red Industries Landfill Communities Fund has awarded funding for projects ranging from £1,000 up to £100,000.  Below is a list of some of the projects that have been approved for funding:

Redgate Clayton Football Club – community centre regeneration2020-10-21T16:28:51+01:00

Redgate Clayton Football Club have been awarded £20,000 to help them regenerate and refurbish their community centre – including toilet facilities, doors, and decorating.

Porthill Park Cricket Club – refurbishment of kitchen facilities2020-10-21T16:26:33+01:00

The club has been awarded funding of £13,887 towards the refurbishment of their kitchen facilities.  This will benefit the cricket club and community users of the facilities.

Silverdale Amateur Boxing and Fitness Club – outdoor area improvements2020-10-21T16:24:07+01:00

Silverdale Amateur Boxing Club were awarded £27,560 to help them upgrade and renovate their outdoor space.  The space was overgrown with planters and not in a usable condition.   The funding has enabled them to renovate the outside area making it a functional space for exercise classes and drills.

Newcastle and Hartshill Cricket Club – kitchen upgrade2020-10-21T15:05:29+01:00

After the successful completion of the changing room project in 2018, the club have been awarded £12,000 towards the renovation of their kitchen facilities.  The kitchen is used by the club as well as the community.  The upgrade should help ensure the facilities are fit for purpose for years to come.

Church of the Saviour, Chell Heath – heating in the church2020-10-21T13:57:45+01:00

The Church of the Saviour, Chell Heath, has been awarded over £37k to enable them to replace their out-dated and ineffective heating – bringing new gas central heating system into the building to make it a usable space for community groups to use, particularly through the colder months.

Portland Inn CIC – Portland Inn building project2020-10-21T13:55:27+01:00

Over £60,000 has been awarded to the Portland Inn Project near Cobridge.  The funding is towards the first stage of the project to carry out building works at the former pub to make it safe and secure for the numerous community groups they support in the area.

New Vic Theatre – auditorium seating2020-10-21T13:29:03+01:00

The New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-under-Lyme, was awarded £20,000 of funding through the Red Industries Landfill Communities Fund towards their auditorium refurbishment project.   The funding helped support the theatre with the replacement of the seating.

St Mary’s Church Knutton – repair of stone boundary wall2020-10-21T13:26:25+01:00

St Mary’s Church, Knutton, have been awarded funding to repair the stone wall at the front perimeter of the church grounds.  This specialist work should ensure the wall remains safe and standing for many years to come.

Burslem Cricket Club – changing room extension and refurbishment2020-10-21T13:24:53+01:00

Burslem Cricket Club, who are based at Festival Heights, have been awarded funding to help them extend and improve their changing facilities.  The original facilities included a ‘Jack and Jill’ style shower area between the two changing areas.  The grant has enabled them to extend the building and create separate changing and shower facilities – opening up the opportunities for wider use.

Port Vale Foundation Trust – Tommy Cheadle community centre refurbishment2020-10-21T13:22:07+01:00

£50k were awarded to the Port Vale Foundation Trust to enable them to renovate the Tommy Cheadle community facility into a safe and secure area.  This grant towards the first stage of the building’s development will enable them to properly and safely open up the space to community groups.

Eastwood Hanley Football Club – Electricity supply2020-10-21T13:19:35+01:00

Eastwood Hanley Football Club were awarded over £29k to help them bring electricity into the grounds.  This will replace less reliable power generation units and improve the expanding club facilities.

Bucknall Park Bowling Club – new glass windows2019-05-13T11:58:25+01:00

Bucknall Park Bowling Club have been awarded over £1.5k for new windows at the pavilion to replace previously damaged glass. The windows are the final step in restoring the windows, following the installation of security shutters and CCTV. The new windows will improve the look of the pavilion and improve the conditions for players and supporters.

City of Stoke Football Club – pitch maintenance equipment2019-05-13T11:55:38+01:00

The newly named City of Stoke Football Club have been awarded funding for pitch maintenance and line marking equipment to help them develop and maintain the pitches at Whisper Lane. The club estimates 20 teams will start at the site.

St Michael’s Community Church – audio loop, metal gates, decoration, and tables & chairs2019-05-13T11:52:52+01:00

The newly acquired community church will be updated with new facilities added to enable the space to be fully utilised. An audio and loop system will be used in the main church and adjoining hall to aid communication. An additional gate will be purchased to provide security. The purchase of tables and chairs will allow the community area to be used for meals, crafts, and more activities.

Trubshaw Cross Ladsandads – pitch maintenance equipment2019-05-13T11:48:28+01:00

Over £43,000 has been awarded to the club for the purchase of grass maintenance and cutting equipment. The 19 acre site requires substantial maintenance. The new equipment will save time, enable the volunteers to be better utilised, and allow a greatly improved maintenance regime to be put in place.

Silverdale Cricket Club – Practice Area Refurbishment2019-05-13T11:44:40+01:00

Funding has been awarded to Silverdale Cricket Club to enable them to refurbish their training and practice area facilities. Over £13,000 has been awarded to the club to help them with this project.

Porthill Park Cricket Club – Fencing2019-05-13T11:42:50+01:00

Over £5,000 of funding has been awarded to Porthill Park Cricket Club to install fencing and gating around their training facilities.

Newcastle Ladsandads – creation of toilets and changing facilities2019-05-13T11:40:43+01:00

Funding has been approved for a new toilet block and changing facilities. Since the previous building burnt down, there have been no facilities at the site. Now that the fencing is in place securing the pitches, new toilets and changing facilities are the next phase of development at the thriving club.

This will help players, supporters, and also enable them to progress the teams.

Over £27,000 has been awarded for this project.

Orme Amateur Boxing Club – towards extension and equipment2019-02-04T14:24:55+00:00

Funding has been awarded to Orme Amateur Boxing Club to go towards part of a larger project to extend the building.

The club has a positive impact in the local community, with a long waiting list of people wanting to join. The extension to their facilities will help them to expand and engage more people in the area, as well as developing facilities for females and young adults.

The extension project is largely being funded by a £150,000 grant from Sport England. We are pleased to be able to provide some additional funding towards their extension through the Red Industries Landfill Communities Fund. The funding will also enable them to purchase more equipment, including a new boxing ring.

St Michael’s & All Angels Church – new roofing2019-01-31T12:35:51+00:00

Over £25,000 has been awarded to St Michael’s & All Angels Church, Chell.  The money will be used to repair and replace the flat roof above the community hall and rooms.

Leycett Cricket Club – new training net facilities2019-01-31T12:35:44+00:00

New outdoor training nets and practice facilities will be installed, to replace their existing facilities which are no longer suitable for use.  The club was awarded £29,000 towards the project.

Goldenhill & Tunstall Scout Group – new kitchen2019-01-31T12:35:39+00:00

Goldenhill and Tunstall Scout Group were awarded funding to replace and modernise their well used kitchen facilities.  The kitchen is used for cooking classes, by the scouts, and by other groups – with the vision to increase its usage for the local community in the future.

Sandyford Cricket Club – new storage facilities2019-01-31T12:35:21+00:00

Over £5,000 has been awarded to Sandyford Cricket Club.  The money will enable the club to replace their wooden storage building with a more safe and secure facility.

Halmer End CIC – new kitchen2019-01-31T12:28:19+00:00

Halmer End CIC have been awarded funding to renovate and their kitchen facilities.  Their kitchen is used by a number of groups and people in the community and is the heart of Minnie’s Tea Rooms.

Newcastle and Hartshill Cricket Club – roofing repairs2018-12-04T15:19:25+00:00

£21,000 was awarded to the club for them to replace the current felt clubhouse roof.  The roofing had been in place since 1959 and had started to leak.  The funding will enable the club to keep the facilities watertight.

Wosltanton Bowling Club – roofing repairs and viewing rail2018-12-04T15:17:21+00:00

Funding was awarded for the club to install a new viewing rail around the green.  They were also approved for funding to repair the leaking flat roof to keep the facilities watertight.

Newcastle Ladsandads – security fencing project2018-12-04T15:15:13+00:00

Over £29,000 awarded to install security fencing around the perimeter of the Pool Dam pitches to keep the facilities safe and secure.  New goal posts and signs were also erected.   The project was completed in November 2018 and has made a significant difference to the club and local community.

Newcastle Track Cycling Association – male and female changing rooms2018-12-04T15:12:30+00:00

£100,000 awarded to construct new changing rooms and showers for male and female participants and officials at the Lyme Valley cycle track.  The changing rooms will also be utilised by Newcastle Town FC who are based at the same location.

Chesterton Angling Club – renovation of paths and groundwork2018-12-04T15:10:30+00:00

Improvements to the Fishing Pool and surrounding environment, including renovation of the paths around the pool and improvement of disabled access.

Porthill Park Cricket Club – creation of outdoor training net cages2018-08-06T10:42:31+01:00

Over £29,000 of funding has been approved for the installation of an outdoor three lane cricket training net cage.  This will enable the club to meet the need for a secure environment for players to practice their batting and bowling, as well as a usable space for other activities whilst the main cricket pitch is in use.

Wood Lane Cricket Club – machinery to help improve and maintain pitches2018-08-06T10:41:06+01:00

Acquisition of equipment and machinery to help improve playing conditions and grass verges.  Equipment includes tractor, roller, and aerator.  The machinery will benefit the cricket club as well as the local football club.

Scot Hay Welfare Centre and Recreation Ground – replacing the club house roofing2018-08-06T10:39:15+01:00

The project will replace and repair the roof of the club house to prevent leaks/ problems with drainage.  Significant internal improvements have been made to the club house, and the funding from the Red Industries Landfill Communities Fund will help them to ensure the building is watertight and protected for years to come.

Newcastle (Staffs) Athletics Club – Restoration of running track2018-07-05T13:50:12+01:00

We have approved £54,000 of funding towards the repair and restoration of the well-used 400m running track.  The club has around 375 members, as well as offering C25k, park runs, road races, and being available for the local schools. We’re pleased to be able to support this community athletics club with a grant from the Red Industries Landfill Communities Fund.

> Find out more about the club.

Newcastle & Hartshill Cricket Club – refurbishment and improvements to disabled/ shower facilities2018-04-03T08:56:24+01:00

Newcastle and Hartshill Cricket Club applied for over £34,000 of funding from the Red Industries Landfill Communities Fund.  Their existing shower and disabled facilities were not ideal and in a bad state of repair.  The project will involve a complete refurbishment of this part of the club house, which will significantly improve the facilities for the cricket teams, local schools, and other members of the community who use the club.

The project has now been completed and looks fantastic.  The club celebrated with a Beer and Gin festival, which included an opening ceremony for the new facilities.

> Visit the club’s Facebook page

UKHBPT (Middleport) – Harper Street Project2018-03-20T09:51:33+00:00

Regenration charity UKHBPT have been awarded £100,00 to support the development of 11 dilapidated terraced houses in Middleport.  The £1.9million Harper Street project will see the Victorian terrace restored and opened up to the public in Spring 2020.

The end terrace, once home to pottery’s lodgekeeper, will build on Middleport’s heritage offer and give visitors an authentic insight into the area’s social history. Additional uses include; workshop space for creative businesses, an accessible research centre for Middleport Pottery’s extensive archive and a hub for local community group, Middleport Matters.

Find out more about UKHBPT and the work at Middleport.

Ilkley Place Play Area Phase 2 – outdoor exercise equipment2018-03-06T16:26:16+00:00

Funding was requested to enable the completion of Phase 2 of the development of a new play park at Ilkley Place, Silverdale. Over £6,000 of the funding to complete the project, including the installation of outdoor exercise equipment, has been awarded through the Red Industries Landfill Communities Fund.  The remaining part of the funding is from Staffordshire County Council (Councillor Dave Jones’ Local Community Fund budget).

The project is a partnership between  Western Communities Locality Action Partnership (LAP), Silverdale Parish Council, Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council and others.

St Margaret’s Church – replacement of gravel paving and paths2018-03-02T15:13:59+00:00

St Margaret’s Church in Wolstanton have been approved for £35,000 of funding to replace the existing gravel paths, and create a new path in the lower section in their Churchyard.  The new paths will improve access for mourners and visitors to family grave plots.  They will also provide a safely negotiable walking route around the churchyard.

67th Burslem Scout Group – erecting of fence around the site, upgrading fire doors, developing outside area2018-02-28T12:16:10+00:00

67th Burslem Scout Group were looking for funding to help them improve safety and access of the scout hut through a number of improvements.  The priority was to install fencing around the perimeter of the site to make it secure for children and young adults to take part in outdoor activities and camp outs.  They also want to create a useable outdoor area with vegetable plots.  The final part of the funding will help them upgrade their fire doors.  The group were approved for over £54,000 of funding from the Red Industries Landfill Communities Fund.

All Saints Church, Hanley – provision of heating as part of a wider project2018-02-28T11:56:48+00:00

All Saints Church, Hanley, were approved for over £50,000 worth of funding for the installation of heating in the church.  This forms part of a wider project at the church, which includes the restoration of the building and repurposing of part of the church to create a separate space for groups to use.  The creation of a new space will allow them to open up the church to new groups and events.

The Realise Foundation – creation of industrial heritage artwork and managed meadow2018-02-28T11:48:29+00:00

The Realise Foundation worked with the local community to develop a visual reference to the social history of Chesterton.  A landscaping piece and mosaic will be embedded in the slopes of the prominent site, and will be surrounded by a managed meadow.  The piece will depict the key industries of Chesterton – mining, brickwork, foundries, and pottery.  The project has been approved for £10,000 of funding through the Red Industries Landfill Communities Fund.

Eastwood Hanley Football Club – installation of perimeter fencing2018-02-28T11:40:51+00:00

Eastwood Hanley Football Club were experiencing issues on their pitches from stray horses, dropped drug paraphernalia, and motorcross bike riders.  They applied for funding to install fencing around the perimeter of the site as part of their Make it Safe, Make it Secure campaign.  Their application for £35,000 worth of funding was approved and the fencing was installed in Feb 2018.

Silverdale Parish Council – erection of the former Silverdale Colliery Pit Wheel2018-02-28T11:33:02+00:00

Silverdale Parish Council applied for funding to enable them to erect the former Silverdale Colliery Pit Wheel in a position of prominence, as a tribute to the people who worked at the mine before it closed.  This project was supported by the local community who wanted to see it restored and erected.  Funding of over £12,000 has been approved for the project.

St Barnabas Church Bradwell – installation of security system2018-02-28T11:28:07+00:00

St Barnabas Church is at the heart of the Bradwell community.  The church and hall had experienced repeated vandal attacks and, after consultation with the building’s users and local police, they decided to install a security system.  The church received just over £3,000 of funding to install the CCTV, which will hopefully deter and help identify any vandals.  The project was completed Jan 2018.

Halmer End CIC – creation of a memorial rose garden2018-02-28T11:24:08+00:00

Halmer End CIC were approved for over £2,000 of funding to create a memorial rose garden.  The garden is a tribute to North Staffordshire’s worst ever mining disaster, where 156 men and boys who lost their lives.  The Minnie Pit Disaster occurred on 14th January 1918, and the memorial garden marks 100 years since then.

Red Street Community Centre – replacing broken fencing2018-02-28T11:18:53+00:00

Red Street Community Centre have bee approved for just over £9,000 of funding to enable them to replace the broken chainlink fencing at the front of the centre.  Having secure fencing will outdoor space to be opened up for groups with children or vulnerable people to use.

Newcastle Town Football Club Youth – floodlighting, cutting equipment, and gym upgrade2018-02-28T11:13:00+00:00

Newcastle Town Football Club Youth have a number of teams using their pitches.  They have successfully installed floodlighting at their Roe Lane Pitches to help extend the hours the pitches can be used, particularly in the winter months.  They have also re-done their onsite gym facilities, installing new equipment and turning it into a useable space.  To help them maintain the pitches to a high standard, the club have also purchased new cutting equipment.

In total, the club have received over £98,000 to make the improvements to the facilities.

Wolstanton Bowling and Snooker Club – Repair and rendering of wall2018-02-28T11:02:57+00:00

Wolstanton Bowling and Snooker Club received £3,000 through the Red Industries Landfill Communities Fund to repair and re-render their crumbling exterior wall.  The project was completed in October 2017 and has given the club a fresh new look.  The wall significantly improves the appearance of the club, and it’s hoped that this will help to encourage new members and community groups looking for a space to use.