Automatic Hot Wash Parts Washer Systems

Our Automatic Parts Washer systems provide exceptional cleaning performance through the use of high pressure jets of hot water and aqueous cleaning solutions.  They have been developed to have low consumption rates and low operating costs.

Automatic parts washers are essential when there are a large number of components to clean.  By using an automatic hot wash system, operators can be utilised on other jobs whilst the parts are being cleaned.

Our corrosion free, stainless steel hot wash systems feature variable time and temperature controls to allow you to tailor the wash cycle to your needs.  The high pressure spray plus rotating component basket ensure parts are thoroughly cleaned.  Our automatic parts washers offer consistent cleaning performance every time – removing oils, greases, inks etc.

Our parts washers are suitable for a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive, rail and marine.

The systems are available with your choice of chemistry:

  • The RED Standard Low Foam Solution
  • The RED Extra Strength Low Foam Solution
  • The RED Aerospace Approved Low Foam Solution

Our aqueous cleaning solutions are more environmentally friendly than solvents, yet still provide exceptional cleaning of your components.  We offer a sustainable solution for your parts washing needs.  Find out how our hot wash systems can help your manufacturing/ production/ engineering process.

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  • Basket diameter: 820mm
  • Load weight: 150kg
  • Spray rate: 120L/min

A82 Parts Washer


  • Basket diameter: 1050mm
  • Load weight: 200kg
  • Spray rate: 140L/min

RED A105 Automatic Parts Washer

We provide tailored service schedules to meet your needs.  There are no rolling contracts or hidden extras.  We work with our customers to understand their requirements (parts being cleaned, frequency of cleaning, contaminants being removed etc.) to ensure we offer the right parts washer and service schedule to keep your operation running smoothly.

As well as automatic hot wash parts washers, we also supply manual and auto/manual parts washer machines.